Moments as a parent.

14th October 2014

Ruth spent the day at an art school that my good friend Amy is starting.  She of course enjoyed herself immensely. She did this collage and I couldn’t help but notice it was all stuff that I would probably collage.  Beautiful yellow wreath, the cozy and inviting outdoor set, wine and cheese,the curly haired (dream) dog, etc. I know this happens to all parents, that moment when you realize,” Wow! this kid is really a lot like me!” I know I shouldn’t  be surprised and if you have met my daughter you know she is really quite independent and has a mind/spirit all of her own.  My heart melted though when I saw this and could see a little bit of me in her.I do love her so and thankful for the joy she brings to my life. 


Below is her self portrait.  I plan to frame it and treasure it forever. I love this girl! 


Before and After

10th October 2014

Ok, like I said I have been doing some serious “organating” (termed by my mother, stands for organizing and decorating at the same time) in the garden.  I absolutely love taking the stuff I have and making it either work in a better way or just getting rid of it. It gives me the serious happies when I do this.  I use to rearrange my parents furniture all the time and my dear husband is constantly asking “where is this (item) now”.  I just know there is always a better, more efficient and of course cuter way to do things.  I have been feeling extra inspired too because last March I broke my foot and was laid up for toooooooooooo long!!! It was a test in my patience seriously.  But I know, (Joshua, Shanel, Mom, Carrie, Amy, Judy, Etc) it was good for me too. I swallowed that bitter pill and now I am back in full force “originating” mode. Watch out! 

So in my garden, which for the record does not produce much produce. I have lovely herbs and well thats about it.  The damn raccoons, skunks, large city rats, etc eat all the stuff I plant.  Ok, so I took my old vegetable boxes that use to house my herbs that were not getting enough sun and hung them on the fence for an outdoor book shelf of sorts.  Its super cute but will probably fall down in the next big rain storm. I don’t claim to be a good handy woman.  I am creative but I lack the patience to really do it “right” some times.  Good thing it doesn’t rain and storm much here. 


imageAs you can see these were pretty rotted out and really should have just gone in the garbage but I really loved them and didn’t have it in me to throw them away just yet. 

imageFinished product.  I like it. For now…… :) 

28th September 2014

Just watched the Disneynature Bear movie with the kiddos. So wonderful. Tucking Dillon in at bed time he grabs my face, nose to nose and he says, “mom, you doing good job”! I melted.

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