Meyer lemon pudding cakes

21st March 2014


Meyer lemon pudding cakes

meyer lemon pudding cakes -

In my household dessert is only considered dessert if it involves chocolate.   Every now and then I get a little selfish and go for pure self indulgence. The expectation around here is for chocolate but why not a little tart with your sweet?  My son absolutely loved these little cakes so I didn’t have to suffer through eating them all by myself.

Meyer lemons are sweeter and mellower than regular…

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Yes please

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10th March 2014

It is the most stunning afternoon here in SF.  I just made the perfect cup of coffee, Buena Vista Social Club is playing in the background, the kids are actually being quiet, and I am catching up on some much needed paperwork(aka, decluttering my desk).  Life is beautiful and I sure do love it! 

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3rd March 2014

Uh…the hubby is figuring out why my pictures are GIGANTO (yes I use made up words).  Will readjust momentarily.  Thank God I am married to a designer! 

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